The Real Deal Miami

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Early access to our look at alleged ties between money laundering and Miami real estate, top brokerage ranking & more
September 19, 2018 01:00PM

From left: EWM’s Ron Shuffield, Coldwell Banker’s Nancy Klock Corey and Keyes Company’s Mike Pappas (Credit: John Ritter)

The Real Deal Miami’s fall 2018 issue is almost here, and it’s jam-packed with juicy stories and rankings.

Tomorrow, digital subscribers will get first dibs on reading the magazine, including our fascinating cover story by reporter Keith Larsen, who dives deep into an alleged billion-dollar embezzlement and money-laundering scheme and the South Florida luxury properties involved.

The issue also features our annual ranking of the tri-county region’s top real estate brokerages, a look at the biggest sources of foreign capital in South Florida real estate, an exclusive interview with Jules Trump and plenty more.

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