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Troubles at NYC mega construction lender, Bank OZK; the Catch-22 of luxury amenities; the golf courses real estate execs are dropping $1M to join and more
By TRD Staff | August 01, 2019 01:00PM

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– Our cover package on the trouble that NYC’s most important construction lender, Bank OZK, is facing

– Unvarnished first-person accounts from six residential players and how they’re dealing with the new (and unprecedented) financial pressures in the industry

– The copycat investments the Blackstone Group’s $19 billion e-commerce bet is already spawning

– How developers are facing a Catch-22 when it comes to throwing more and more cash at everything from tutoring to mediation to lure in buyers and renters

– From milking cows to lifeguarding the first jobs of some of the industry’s highest-profile players

– The golf courses — some with $1 million initiation fees — that are favored by real estate bigwigs

– The Closing interview with Marty Burger

And plenty more!

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