Gary Barnett

Gary Barnett is the founder and president of Extell Development. Born Gershon Swiatycki in 1956, Barnett grew up on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. He earned degrees from Queens College and Hunter College before moving to Europe where he worked as a diamond trader. He began to move into the real estate industry after returning to the United States. Barnett joined PMG in 1994 and began investing in real estate when he bought the Belnord apartment house. He is now Founder and Chairman of Extell. 

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Central Park Tower at 217 West 57th Street and Extell president Gary Barnett
New York

Closings kick off at world’s tallest residential tower

UPDATED, Feb. 25, 2021, 11: 25 a.m.: Move-in day is approaching for buyers at the world’s tallest residential tower....

Closings kick off at world’s tallest residential tower
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