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  • 1. Residents are connecting online at the Gantry in Long Island City and will soon at Stuy Town [NYT]
  • 2. All kinds of rich people are buying at The Plaza, even a rich felon [NYT]
  • 3. Julian Schnabel has cut the price on a duplex at his Palazzo Chupi from $32 million to $29.5 million [WSJ]
  • 4. Where’s the love in Park Slope? [NYT]
  • 5. La Marqueta has declined in East Harlem [NYT]
  • 6. It’s a buyers’ market in the suburbs [NYT]
  • 7. William and Pat Buckley’s apartment will hit the market after one last bash [NYT]
  • 8. The late Leona Helmsley’s clothes went on auction [Post]
  • 9. More on Gov. David Paterson’s rent-stabilized apartment [Sun]
  • 10. Scarsdale offers big homes [NYT]
  • 11. Preservationists are working to save the old homes on West End Avenue [NYT]
  • 12. Mortgage lenders have gotten more selective [NYT]
  • 13. Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers filed a hardship application with the Landmarks Preservation Commission to demolish a building [Crain’s]
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