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Staff studio in 15 CPW sells for $1.55
1. Maybe I should become a butler.
2. I walked by this building yesterday. I thought, wow that doorman probably makes three times as much as me on holiday tips.

Commission rebates could entice NJ buyers to take the plunge
1. Don’t they understand that the reason we’re in this mess is because we passed laws that helped people who couldn’t afford [homes] to buy homes? Why would we ever pass laws like that again?
2. If you don’t have $1,000 for closing costs, then you can’t afford the home!

Lowballing turns predatory
I’d call it predatory only if you’re consciously trying to pay under fair value from a seller you know to be in distress; otherwise, it’s smart buying.

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Real estate execs hope market will improve with new president
Prices need to drop another 30 percent minimum before buying makes any sense at all. Especially with rents going down, why own?

Queens buckles under subprime pressure
This spells very bad news for Long Island City.