Ivanka Trump mulls Rat Island purchase?

Ivanka Trump expressed some interest in Rat Island, which will be put
up for auction at the beginning of October, the Wall Street Journal
reported. At the New Yorkers for Children Gala, she said that she had
more time for other opportunities now that her first daughter is born. She had not heard of Rat Island, which is off the Bronx’s City Island,
until a reporter inquired about it.

“Rat Island sounds really interesting,” she said, when she was asked
whether she’d buy it and develop it under the Trump banner. “But
there’s not a lot that’s undiscovered in the tri-state area. So when
there is, there’s usually a reason why it’s undiscovered.”

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As the
Journal noted, the 2.5-acre island’s highest point is submerged in water
during storms and high tide, it is extremely rocky, making
construction difficult, and it used to be the location of a hotel for
yellow-fever patients.

“I’d have to change the name first. Rat Island doesn’t lend itself to good publicity,” she said jokingly. “I’m going to
look into it!” [WSJ]

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