Here’s how to keep millennials working (in your office)

Here are the top priorities of a modern workforce

(Credit: Pixabay & Pexels)
(Credit: Pixabay & Pexels)

According to a study run by LinkedIn, here’s what today’s workforce of millennials prioritize in an office:



About 40 percent feel satisfied when they’ve been able to schedule some “me-time” into their days, ideally as part of their work day.



The vast majority surveyed want to learn new things — the most oft-cited goal the new year was to learn a new skill.

Choose your own adventure


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Millennials want to set their own schedule — about a third of those surveyed said they’d take a cut in pay if they had control over when they got around to various tasks.

Side hustle


About a third, feel more satisfied through having a side project or another job they devote time to. Some companies are even creating space in their offices for employees to pursue their other jobs.

Teacher for the day


With about 40 percent of people feeling satisfied when they teach others, some offices are trying to work in more skills-sharing and teaching modules into their workflow.



Who doesn’t want to travel the world? People want to be able to work from anywhere, free from the necessity of face-time. [NYP] — Erin Hudson

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