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Get a One-Month TRD Subscription and 2022 Data Book for $1

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For just $1, we’re offering a month of unlimited access to The Real Deal’s subscriber-exclusive content, plus the 2022 edition of our annual Data Book — a must-have compendium of essential facts, figures and rankings across each of TRD’s markets.

Sign up for a digital subscription today to lock in this unmissable deal — but first, let’s do some price indexing to see what else you can get for a dollar these days.

1. Half a slice of pizza

Inflation can be brutal. Among its casualties appears to be the dollar slice. In a city where even innocuous policy decisions often spark passionate debates, dollar pizza was a grand unifier, serving the common interests of a diverse array of New Yorkers.

It really has seen us through it all, hasn’t it? Every night on the town that ended with a plain slice and a soda felt like an evening well spent. Whether as a respite from unread emails, existential dread or a $12 salad, dollar pizza has always been there for us.

But can it give you exclusive intel on Manhattan’s office market in 2021?

The price of the slice has hit $2, but access to the TRD Data Book’s color-coded and artisanally curated charts like this one remains attractively affordable and can feed you market insights for a lifetime.

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2. Two-thirds of a Costco hot dog combo

If you were a suburban teenager (or the parent of one) circa 2009, you remember weekend pilgrimages to Costco.

The frankfurter first hit Costco’s menu in 1985 as part of a $1.50 hot dog-and-soda deal. It is to suburbia what the fresh croissant is to Paris: an accessible way to indulge in the local culture.

Time passed. The Soviet Union collapsed, the stock market crashed, Amazon emerged. Through it all, the price of the hot dog never wavered.

Inflation had her way. But thanks to a vague death threat made by Costo’s co-founder to its CEO, the hot dog will be $1.50 forevermore.

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Like dollar pizza, the $1.50 hot dog is nearly perfect. Its fatal flaw?

It can’t give you a comprehensive breakdown of the past year’s top industrial leases in South Florida.

With all due respect to Costco, a hot dog and a soda just isn’t a data book and a digital subscription. Put those two extra quarters towards something else — something like…

3. A single load of laundry

In New York City, three things are certain:

There’s no stopping the first one. Window air conditioning units are all over the city, some more securely installed than others. As for the other two, put them off all you want; eventually you’ll need to face the tax man — and the washing machine.

Are there cooler ways to spend a dollar? Sure. Dollar pizza, for example, will never make you schlep your dirty clothes Santa Claus-style to the nearest laundromat, which may not always be as “near” as you think.

If you’re one of the New Yorkers with a washer and dryer in your kitchen, good for you. That must be nice. I’ll bet it even has an app that tells you when it’s done, in case you can’t be arsed to just walk over and check.

I have to ask, though, can your little “smart appliances” tell you who the most active architects and designers were in 2021?

Didn’t think so.

So, you’ve learned the value of a dollar in the pandemic era, and the importance of data-driven marketing insights. Put your money where your mouth is and subscribe today.