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Axiom Draws on its Expertise To Curate Installations for Discerning Clientele

Pictured: Russell Glotfelty, Founder
Pictured: Russell Glotfelty, Founder

Brokers and Developers Appreciate the Firm’s Impeccable Taste, Enjoy Referral Commissions

Art is often the pièce de résistance​​ that elevates an environment, reflecting the exquisite taste of a property owner. That’s why the unrivaled expertise and reputation of Axiom Fine Art Consulting are in such demand for private and corporate clients and collectors aiming for the undeniable cachet of just the right work of art to complete their aesthetic.

Helmed by respected designer and artist Russell Glotfelty, the firm’s founder and CEO, Axiom’s accomplished fine art professionals always put their client’s objectives at the heart of any project.

 An Artistic Background Inspires a Groundbreaking Endeavor

 Glotfelty’s extensive and noteworthy career traces to the late ’80s when he began curating and selling artwork to an upscale interior design clientele. He parlayed that expertise into becoming the largest provider of finished framed artwork in the United States, a successful venture he sold in 2017 when he decided to concentrate on the fine art side.

 “I could see that galleries weren’t adapting with the times, and the structure and processes that work so well in the corporate world could be applied to the fine art business to revitalize the segment,” Glotfelty says. Because today’s client has access to unlimited information, they can quickly become overwhelmed without someone to help them make thoughtful selections. Glotfelty realized that the right tools would help discerning clients make more sophisticated choices, whether they are looking for decorative or collectible works.

Expanding Services to a Diverse Array of Art Enthusiasts—and Those Who Need Assistance

One of the firm’s signature offerings is working with developers, who need a cohesive curation to augment a luxury property. For example, Axiom curated the art collection in the triplex at 212 Fifth Avenue in New York, a unit that eventually sold to Jeff Bezos for $23 million. “This impressive project was an ideal launchpad to put us on the map quickly,” Glotfelty says.

 The Florida market is also a wellspring of opportunity, and they recently were invited to curate the entire public space and private residences of Miami’s One Thousand Museum luxury development by Zaha Hadid Architects. The all-female curation enhanced the building’s dynamic design, and the residences were sold completely furnished, including the artwork. Today Axiom remains the preferred vendor for all residents, who frequently call the consultants to source specific pieces.

In addition Axiom’s specialists are sought after by high-end brokers who know the value of providing white-glove service. “They want their clients to be taken care of so they rely on us to act as an end-to-end art concierge, handling such elements as framing, transportation, cleaning, insurance, storage and installation for their clients’ valuable pieces,” Glotfelty says. The firm will go to any end necessary to handle logistics for unique situations—for example, one commissioned sculpture was installed via crane.

In some cases they are called on just to choose one signature piece and in others, they do a whole-house curation. “Our service has proved very popular with homeowners and/or their interior designers who are furnishing their second, third or fourth house. While they don’t want to risk displaying their $25 million Picasso, they want something exquisite. We consider their space and recommend appropriate items that work within their aesthetic and investment parameters,” says Glotfelty.

When working with a house curation, Axiom will present a floorplan that designates their recommendations for where art should go and the works that might be best displayed in a certain area. “Many of our clients love to collect artwork but aren’t sure how to display it. Other serious buyers who already have a wonderful collection want it curated throughout the property to its best advantage, and may be looking for one special piece to unify the look. Our service takes the pressure off the client or designer as we apply our extensive experience,” Glotfelty explains.

A Vast Array of Artistic Choices at Axiom’s Fingertips

While the firm can source specific works as requested, it also maintains a massive inventory of 6,000 pieces of original artwork stored in warehouses located strategically in New York, Miami and Toronto to be near its clientele. The collection favors contemporary and post-modern works and features all mediums such as paintings, fabric, and sculpture for both indoor and outdoor placement. Noted artists include Jean-Michel Basquiat, Fernando Botero, Marc Chagall,  Will Cooney, Jackson Pollock and Manolo Valdés, to name a few.

While many clients select works because they admire the artist or oeuvre, others are considering it as an investment and view artwork as another asset class that can diversify a financial portfolio.

The art world is finally catching on to these pieces’ worth from an investment perspective. We compile all the data so they know what the investment is worth, creating a dossier with information and comps, much like you encounter in real estate, Glotfelty says. They can enjoy the piece for the time being, then sell when it meets their desired price.

No matter what level or stage the client is in—whether they are searching for a Rothko or Monet masterpiece to grace one wall or need assistance with an entire property or development, Axiom is equipped to help them procure the art they need.

Professionals Can Benefit from Generous Referral Program

Of particular note is the referral program the firm offers to brokers and developers who can take advantage of a referral commission when they introduce agents or clients to the Axiom team. For example, recently Glotfelty worked with an avid collector for whom he was able to sell several paintings in order to apply the funds to a larger investment in one more expensive piece. “The broker got a nice payday just for introducing me to this client,” he says. Commission can take the form of a check or credit toward a piece they might have had their eye on.

Other professionals can rely on us as a trusted, solutions-oriented partner who will take care of their clientele, Glotfelty says. We have an extensive history of satisfied customers and aim to build strong, enduring relationships—and we are always looking for the next one so we can all grow together.

Would you like to know about Axiom Fine Arts Consulting’s bespoke service? Find out more here and contact us today to discuss how we can help you or your clients attain their artistic goals.