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California Closet

Expert Tips for Remodeling your Closet this Spring

By Kristina Baker

California Closets Manhattan designer, Kelly Parham gives you the freshest ideas to think about when remodeling your closet this season. The latest trends are a must-know when shopping for the right custom storage solution. Modeled with our 3D CAD technology, our expertly trained design consultants will walk you through all of your options when creating your dream closet. From the most intricate of designs to the smallest hallway closet, we have a few remodeling ideas that will make all the difference when optimizing your storage space.

Q: What is the latest in design trends for the home? What collection would you suggest going with for a modern look this season? 

A: This season, we are really seeing a lot of sleek and minimalist designs, and our Virtuoso collection is perfect for that look. The clean lines really elevate any closet, while still offering functionality.  It makes every closet feel like its own custom boutique!

Q: What closet accessory do you feel is most underrated? And why is it a “must-have” in your closet?

A: I don’t know if it’s underrated because, at California Closets we LOVE them… I don’t think ANY closet can go without a Garment Rod. They are so helpful! This multi-use tool can be used for packing, to hang your dry cleaning on, I use mine to steam ALL my clothes, and in smaller closets, they can even be used in place of a long hanging bar; so double hanging can be maximized and still have a place for a few dresses. They should be mandatory in every closet!

Q: What finish colors, textures, and type of hardware are trending this spring? 

A: Lighter colors and greys are trending this Spring, as well as chic, muted hardware. We are also seeing a lot of scoop face drawers in lieu of hardware for an even more minimalist look.

Q: When a wardrobe transitions from winter and spring, spacing needs obviously change with the season. How do you accommodate making the closet solution adjustable on an as-need basis?

A: The great thing about our closets is their flexibility! Our standard system comes with a full drill pattern, which allows all shelves and rods to be moved and adjusted, depending on what is being stored. It is also amazing for kids closets, because the closets can change as the kids grow and their needs change over time.

Q: In your experience, would you suggest more hanging components or drawer storage for a reach-in closet needing to maximize on space?

A: More often than not, hanging is generally prioritized over everything else. This can vary depending on the space and how the client lives, of course, but generally speaking, hanging should always have a home first. It is easy to purchase a dresser for extra storage, but no one wants rolling racks full of hanging clothes in their bedroom!

Q: When it comes to lighting, what is the most strategically placed spots to look out for when designing a walk-in closet?

A: When using lighting, it should not only enhance the closet design aesthetically, but it should also be functional. I think the most important place to light is in the hanging sections. Most clients use the same black velvet hangers and they can be so dark, making all the clothes inside the closet just run together, creating less visibility. Our lighted rods are a great solution and can work in any space; even a small closet that may not be able to accommodate other lighting options. A well-lit closet can be LIFE-CHANGING!

Q: Keeping up with modern design trends, would you suggest an open-concept design or closed doors cabinetry in a closet? 

A: In terms of modern design, both actually work really well! An open-concept such as our Virtuoso collection, looks really sharp and on-point. This system design allows the client to see everything inside the closet. When designing with doors, they can really elevate the look and can help with maintaining clients’ wardrobes; mainly because they offer some protection from the elements and dust! Our more modern doors have a sleek aluminum frame, with matte or glossy glass inserts in several different colors; or if the client prefers to see everything, we can do clear glass as well. We also offer glass sliding doors which can look very elegant and stylish.

Q: What is your “go-to” spring cleaning tip that you suggest to your clients?

A: When transitioning wardrobes for the season, I recommend purging and reorganizing! Checking all winter coats, boots, bedding, etc. and then having them cleaned before storing away. That way when it is time to get them out again in in the Fall, they are ready to go. Also, making piles to toss, donate or keep helps to de-clutter your wardrobe quickly. Lastly is making sure everything has a home, implementing organizational tools such as drawer dividers, clear storage bins for visibility, and hooks can make a huge difference in the overall feel of your closet!