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The World’s Best Property

Award-winning Eywa, Dubai by R.Evolution, is a true game-changer in the luxury real estate industry

  • Winner of World’s Best Property and Best International Apartment/Condominium Development at the International Property Awards – London 2024
  • Boasting unique credentials as the most health-conscious residential building in the world
  • Ground-breaking ceremony and time capsule marked the official commencement of construction
  • Strategic alignment with Mindvalley – the life transformation platform for meditation, healing and manifesting

Eywa in Dubai has been awarded the title of World’s Best Property, 2023-24 and Best International Apartment/Condominium Development in the World at the Oscars of property events, the International Property Awards, London in 2024. This recognition reflects the dedication and creativity of the developers R.Evolution and undoubtedly positions Eywa as a leader in the international real estate market. The award is a global recognition of R.Evolution’s vision for the future of people-centred real estate with a focus on the health, well-being, and longevity of people and the planet as well as a testament to the outstanding quality of biophilic architecture, design and innovation of the project.

Alex Zagrebelny, the founder and CEO of R.Evolution, elaborated on the company’s commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries within the real estate industry. “R.Evolution has not shied away from big goals and big achievements and as we celebrate 25 years, there are no signs of us slowing down!”

 “Our ultimate goal is to design homes, workspaces, and recreational areas that promote health, happiness, and spiritual growth. We achieve this by integrating ancient wisdom with cutting-edge technologies and the highest standards of sustainability. “

This was further illustrated at the ground-breaking ceremony in Dubai, where the occasion of its construction launch was marked by laying down a ‘time capsule’ in its foundation. The time capsule contained photographs of the building, crystals for positive energy and architectural plans, as well as precious items from the children of the team at R.Evolution such as coins and bracelets amongst other things that signified the personal contribution to the future of the earth that the building is on. This energy time capsule encompasses the combined positive energy as a time- honoured ritual that R.Evolution has carried out in every project around the world over its 25 years.

One other major development by Alex Zagrebelny is the launch of the Eywa Movement which is advocating for mental and physical well-being within any living space.

Joining hands in the Eywa Movement is the global transformative platform, Mindvalley. Life transformation platform for meditation, healing and positive self-development, Mindvalley has chosen Eywa as it’s new home for their masters signifying the mutual likeminded approach. With a lavish garden, waterfall and spacious terrace, the six and half thousand sq. ft property will bring together brilliant minds from around the world to dream up new ways to elevate humanity in an environment that will enhance well-being and spirituality.

More on Eywa, Dubai

Eywa is redefining urban living by blending modern technology with ancient knowledge and world-class architecture in unprecedented ways. The project integrates Vastu Shastra principles with cutting-edge technologies to harmonise energies and create a nurturing environment that supports well-being.

From crystals to advanced systems, every aspect of Eywa aims to elevate living standards. Eywa stands as a testament to environmental consciousness, boasting LEED Platinum and WELL Platinum certifications for enhanced well-being, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. It sets a new standard with UAE’s highest air quality and a pioneering centralised system providing “living” water to each apartment, offering numerous health benefits including anti-aging and anti-allergy properties.

About R.Evolution
R.Evolution has been creating award-winning architectural masterpieces for 25 years in countries such as Latvia, Germany, Spain and United Arab Emirates, across residential, hotel, office, and infrastructure projects. It’s renowned for bringing a unique approach to living in the real estate space. Each project under R.Evolution possesses a revolutionary vision, one that is designed to be integral to evolving real estate in its host city building a new generation of unconventional, innovative, and sustainable living environments. R.Evolution’s main goal as a developer is to meet the needs of investors and customers through carefully placing financial accents, maximization of usable area, and professional and timely management of the development process. Together we can create a better future through real estate. https://byrevolution.com/