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Jul.July 12, 2021 02:44 PM

4 Visions of the Future of the Workplace

The way we work is changing — but this time, for good.

Companies around the world are shifting to a hybrid setup, in which employees split their time between the office and home, or permanently embracing work from anywhere. Unlike last year’s pandemic-induced adoption of remote work, these changes have the potential not only to be far more long-lasting, but also to have far-reaching consequences for everything from the office itself and how it functions to the value of the eight-hour workday. In Industrious’ latest white paper, four workplace experts explore how the decisions companies are making today will affect the way we work and live in the years to come. Download “4 Visions of the Future of the Workplace” to read:

  • The Office of Tomorrow Doesn’t Sit Still
  • Technology Will Bring Us Together
  • Work From Anywhere Is the End of Work-Life Balance
  • And More

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