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Watch behind the scenes: Moving With a Purpose

A good real estate agent needs to recommend the right professionals at every step of the sales process. When the time comes for a client to finally move into their new home, agents can trust Roadway Moving. “We put an emphasis on culture,” explains Roadway’s President Ross Sapir. “If you establish a culture of excellence and customer service with employees first in mind, you’re going to have really happy customers.”

TRD toured Roadway’s state-of-the-art Bronx location, where the company trains its relocation professionals in everything from wrapping and packing boxes to interfacing with clients on a personal level. Each mover is vetted and then given hundreds of hours of training before they’re sent into the field, ensuring a high level of professionalism in every move. 

“We send the most experienced move teams to ensure that we execute the move in a seamless and stress free fashion,” says Roadway’s Director of Marketing and Business Development Steven Bailey. “The reactions that we’ve gotten from real estate agents are high praise.”

Each Roadway move begins with a consultation with an experienced relocation consultant who tailors the move to the client’s specific needs. The agent can hand off their client with confidence, knowing that Roadway’s full time movers will handle the move with the utmost attention to detail. From same-day local moves to international relocations involving Roadway’s state-of-the-art storage facilities, every client receives the same high standard of service and care.

“It could be a $57 million penthouse or it could be a walk up in Astoria,” Sapir told us. “Either way, we’re going to deliver something that no one else delivers. And that’s A++ experience.”