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Brooklyn Flea to abandon East River State Park spot

December 10, 2013 04:15PM

Brooklyn Flea in East River State Park

Brooklyn Flea in East River State Park

The Brooklyn Flea is abandoning its East River State Park locale amid complaints from locals that the market consumed too much of the area’s limited park space.

Accordingly, organizers of the popular market agreed to stop holding the event on the Williamsburg spot this year to accommodate their concerns, co-founder Eric Demby told DNAinfo.

Only the popular food market Smorgasburg, which is run by Brooklyn Flea, will continue in the current spot on Saturdays.

“While the large majority of area residents continued to be supportive of our two-day residency, we decided that it made sense to compromise with some of the voices urging moderation in a move that we hope will secure the long-term future of Smorgasburg in the park on Saturdays,” Demby told DNAinfo.

The market is currently set up in its winter locale at 80 North 5th Street, a block away from the park, and is actively seeking a new summer spot, Demby told the news site. [DNAinfo]Julie Strickland

  • Yours

    I wonder if the locals realize what smorgasburg did for thier property values.

    • LL

      Not everything is about money, believe it or not. We have to live here you know. It isn’t a joy to have 10 thousand tourists in your main park area every weekend. Go rent a damn store. Oh wait, they did. They want practically free commercial property. That’s not okay. It’s a park. What New York park has a Flea market or a food court? None. It’s so creepy,suburban,fake, clubby, hyper-social, silly as shit. Neither Smorgasburg or the Flea can make or break this fabulous shitshow of nonstop consumption and good times. There’ll be other food courts to graze. There’ll be other craft marts to blow money on hipster peanutbutter or cat hair bracelets.