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  • The Department of Small Businesses will soon open applications for  a new $3.5 million loan fund that will help small contractors find short-term financing for big construction jobs. [more]

  • From left:

    From left: Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant and Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

    New York area sewage systems and wastewater treatment plans are undertaking costly repairs and upgrades to fortify their facilities against the next Superstorm Sandy. [more]

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  • Governor Chris Christie

    Governor Chris Christie

    Victims of Hurricane Sandy that were denied New Jersey recovery grants can’t appeal those decisions, state officials said yesterday, despite the revelation that faulty data was used to turn down some of the applications for aid.

    New Jersey used data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help determine which homeowners got approved for the state’s two main rebuilding grants. But FEMA said although it was made clear to state officials that damage estimates were made only for essential repairs, the state used the estimates to judge applications. [more]

  • 59036_stuytown.jpg

    A rent reduction application filed by more than 1,500 Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village residents impacted by Superstorm Sandy is finally bearing fruit.

    The group of residents filed for a rent break in February 2013, pointing to alleged delays in bringing services such as elevators, laundry, intercoms and storage facilities back online for several months following the storm. [more]

  • From left:

    From left: Justice Shirley Werner Kornreich and the “South of Power” zone (image via the Verge)

    Briana Adler, the remaining plaintiff in a proposed Hurricane Sandy-related class action that sought rent reimbursements from landlords of storm-affected properties in New York, has had her complaint dismissed with prejudice, according to state Supreme Court documents filed today. In a decision last month, New York State Supreme Court Judge Shirley Werner Kornreich gave Adler 20 days to file a new class action — limited only to representing the tenants at her 155 East 31st Street building and against landlord Mastic Associates of New York — but nothing came of it. [more]

  • Lower Manhattan after Hurricane Sandy

    Lower Manhattan after Hurricane Sandy

    Top commercial real estate executives are substantially more optimistic about the value of property in Lower Manhattan this year, according to a recent survey. [more]

  • From left: Governor Chris Christie, Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno

    N.J. Governor Christie and Lieutenant Governor Guadagno

    New Jersey’s lieutenant governor, Kim Guadagno, denied she withheld hurricane aid to Hoboken, N.J., to pressure Mayor Dawn Zimmer to approve a commercial redevelopment by a firm connected to her boss at a press conference in the Garden State today.

    Zimmer accused Guadagno, second in command to embattled Governor Chris Christie, and a top community development official of denying her the funds she needed to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy because she wouldn’t sign off on a three-acre project proposed by Manhattan-based developer the Rockefeller Group in Hoboken. [more]

  • Long-awaited Inwood park opens

    January 20, 2014 12:50PM

    Rendering of Muscota Marsh at West 218th Street and Indian Road in Inwood

    Columbia University finally opened a promised marshland sanctuary after construction was delayed by Hurricane Sandy. The Inwood preserve was agreed to as part of a deal that allowed Columbia to expand in Northern Manhattan. [more]

  • sagaponack

    Gary DePersia and shoring up the shore in Sagaponack

    An ongoing $26 million project to extend the Hamptons beachfront and protect homes against future storms is already boosting real estate prices in the area.

    About 3 million cubic yards of sand is helping to expand the beachfront toward the sea at an average of 75 feet to 100 feet in towns such as Sagaponack, Southampton and Water Mill. [more]

  • queens-sandy

    Phillip Goldfeder and Rockaways section of Queens after Sandy (via MSN)

    A New York State Assembly member from Queens is calling for the state Department of Environmental Conservation to accelerate all permits for Hurricane Sandy recovery projects in the hard-hit southern section of the borough.

    Phillip Goldfeder, who contacted DEC Commissioner Joe Martens, said neighborhoods such as Broad Channel, Howard Beach and part of the Rockaways – including the boardwalk and baffle walls – are still holding out for approvals from the DEC and other agencies. [more]

  • Advocates are pushing for the legalization of basement apartments

    Advocates are pushing for the legalization of basement apartments

    Thousands of the city’s poor were dislodged by Hurricane Sandy from improvised living spaces and basement apartments that housing advocates say are illegal but essential accommodations in New York City.

    Around 63,000 residential units were damaged during the storm, according to city estimates, and housing advocates said that that number includes thousands of illegal apartments. Many of the residents of these illegal units remain homeless, as landlords have been hard-pressed to make repairs to these below-market units. [more]

  • sandy-dune

    From left: Jersey Shore after Hurricane Sandy and a sand dune

    Several towns along the Hurricane Sandy-battered Jersey Shore plan to seize private property under eminent domain in order to build protective coastal dunes.

    Of the 2,000 property owners that the state needed to sign easements for construction of the dunes, roughly 780 have refused to participate, necessitating the use of the controversial policy. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie sanctioned the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers program, which is expected to break ground on the dunes early next year. [more]

  • southshore-staten-island

    Southshore section of Staten Island after Sandy (Credit: ABACA USA)

    Staten Island’s South Beach section has filed paperwork requesting state-sponsored Hurricane Sandy buyouts of their homes.

    Governor Andrew Cuomo’s $400 million plan to buy and demolish homes hard-hit by last year’s storm launched in the spring. It has spread across Staten Island – to Oakwood Beach and, as of last month, Ocean Breeze. [more]

  • From left: Justice Shirley Werner Kornreich, 145 East 16th Street, 155 East 31st Street and 17 Stuyvesant Street

    From left: Justice Shirley Werner Kornreich, 145 East 16th Street, 155 East 31st Street and 17 Stuyvesant Street

    The prospects for a Hurricane Sandy-related class action seeking rent refunds from landlords across the state are “gravely in doubt,” a state judge ruled. [more]

  • ymca

    Surf Avenue and 29th Street in Coney Island

    In partnership with the Empire State Building-based developer Kretchmer Companies, the YMCA of Greater New York is opening its first outpost in Coney Island Dec. 16.

    The 44,000-square-foot facility at Surf Avenue and 29th Street underwent a $24 million development that was delayed by Hurricane Sandy and added construction costs. There are six other Brooklyn YMCAs, the closest one being at 361 15th Street in Park Slope. Kretchmer and ELH Management constructed a 195-unit affordable housing complex at the building next door. [more]

  • A screenshot of the Sandy Funding Tracker website

    A screenshot of the Sandy Funding Tracker website

    The Bloomberg administration has launched a new website to track how money slated for Hurricane Sandy relief is being spent. Administration officials said that some of the information on the so-called Sandy Funding Tracker would be updated every month, while some of it would be updated every quarter. [more]

  • Hurricane Sandy flooding in New York City and Cas Holloway

    Hurricane Sandy flooding in New York City and Cas Holloway

    Out of the $1.8 billion in federal aid New York City has received for repairs in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy so far, it will spend about $300 million on protection from future storms. The state, in contrast, will spend just $30 million of its $1.7 billion federal aid package on so-called resiliency efforts. [more]

  • Manhattan's Financial District

    Manhattan’s Financial District

    The Financial District, a soggy post-Sandy mess just over a year ago, now hums with activity, from multi-million dollar developments to rising apartment rents. [more]

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  • Andrew Cuomo and LaGuardia Airport during Hurricane Sandy

    Andrew Cuomo and LaGuardia Airport during Hurricane Sandy

    La Guardia Airport is set to receive $37.5 million in federal and state aid for storm-resiliency measures, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Sunday. [more]

  • From left: A faucet, natural gas generator and flood barriers -- three items addressed in City Council's new building requirements

    From left: Faucets, natural gas generator and flood barriers are addressed in the city’s new building requirements

    City Council approved a handful of new building requirements that aim to prevent some of the problems that arose during Hurricane Sandy. [more]