Trump may miss shot to buy LI golf course

January 14, 2011 01:15PM

Members of the historic Long Island Engineers Country Club are trying to block Donald Trump from purchasing the property and its 18-hole golf course, the New York Post reported. Trump is bidding to take over the 94-year-old club in Roslyn Harbor, where more than 200 members have an equity ownership in the property, estimated to be worth between $10 million to $20 million. The 17-member board of directors unanimously passed a motion to bring the proposed deal before all their members for a vote next month. But the Association for A Better Engineers, a group of the club’s older members, are demanding they limit the vote to 122 “legacy” members, thereby excluding younger members who didn’t have voting rights until last fall. “You can’t let people who have no vested interest in the club vote,” said Larry Hutcher, a lawyer for the ABE, who said that the group wants the club to remain equity-owned. Trump dismissed the complaints. “Those people are losers who don’t want to see anything good happen,” he told the Post. “Those people aren’t looking for quality, and probably won’t be members for very long.” He added that the deal was “going along very nicely… The real question is whether or not I want to do the deal.” [Post]