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Trump alleges negligence at One57 tower crane collapse: VIDEO

October 30, 2012 01:30PM


The crane that collapsed at One57 was not tied down, Donald Trump is alleging. Trump told CNBC that he could see the crane from his window and it was moving violently in the wind before it collapsed. Trump is not involved with the One57 project.

“I know lots about cranes and lots about building, and I am looking at that crane right now,” Trump said. “I have a window that’s just about even with that crane and I was watching it yesterday, and they didn’t tie it down.”

Trump went on to say that it all of the crane’s weight is on the back end, creating “a very precarious position.”

He also questioned Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s assurances that the crane had been inspected prior to the collapse. “Somebody made a big mistake. I don’t know if it was inspection, because frankly, you can’t inspect all of the things you have to expect in one or two hours.” [CNBC] —Christopher Cameron

  • Dave

    Who gives a shit what this douchebag has to say?

  • Charlotte

    HOW is it~ that someone whom life gave so much to, cant stop BIATCHING?
    old crab.

  • RoshGadol

    Donald is desperately trying to distract our attention from the BUFFOON he made of himself last week when he said he had an earthshaking announcement regarding Obama, and then had nothing to say but that he’d offer a reward for Obama’s school transcripts. This guy is a male DRAMA QUEEN who is starved for attention and deathly afraid of being IRRELEVANT, which he is.

  • Scrooged

    The Donald’s stock value is has gone down with these shenanigans.

  • Norm Buchbinder

    the donald obviously has p-envy.
    one 57 is going to be taller than trump tower
    and apts. are selling for more $/sq than any of his buildings.

    he’s jealous of Obama because the donald was born on 3rd base and Obama wasnt and he became President of the USA.

  • 3CPO

    Did the good Donald forget the construction problems with the concrete he had at his Trump Riverside South Development…did he forget the construction problems at Trump Soho…wasn’t there a death or two…shall I continue?…if anyone would like me to continue please speak up…there are more where these came from

  • Norm Buchbinder

    where he lives and has kicked out 2 ex-wives use to be the Bonwit Teller dept. store. when the donald knocked it down it was filled with asbestos and he did absolutely nothing to contain it. He had Polish immigrants dump it into containers as fast as they could.

  • jackson92186

    He’s actually 100% correct in this instance. The crane’s arm should have been secured to the building. There was definitely incompetence involved in this accident.

  • Donald – please go away!

  • Real Deal – why do you report this Trump nonsense! Trump should not be news worthy anymore. Let him stick to TV for the mindless masses!