Buyer of Tiger Woods’ Windermere home revealed

March 14, 2013 02:30PM

From the South Florida site: After that pesky sex scandal, Tiger Woods listed one of his Windermere homes in the Isleworth development. The mansion sat on the  market for sometime before eventually being picked up by a mystery buyer last summer. Now that buyer has not only revealed himself, but also unveiled plans for a massive renovation, AOL reported.

Golf champ Bubba Watson was the buyer of the site of Tiger’s infamous “car accident,” he told in an interview. And since buying the house, he has set out on a renovation project that altered about 95 percent of the home.

“I looked at probably 50 houses before I looked at Tiger’s,” Watson said. “A lot of the houses there are old, and we ended up changing everything. We probably saved maybe 5 percent of it. We built it all around Caleb [Watson’s son].”

Although Watson did not reveal what he payed for the house, property records show that Tiger bought the home for $2.475 million in 2000 and that it was assessed at $2.2 million in 2012. [AOL]Christopher Cameron