Celebrity Real Estate

Celebrity Real Estate

Celebrities―they’re just like us. They drink coffee, they ride the subway, they buy real estate. Celebrity real estate, though, tends to be a little bit larger than life. Many celebrities buy and sell luxury real estate, from high-rise penthouses to historic townhomes and ski chalets to seaside mansions. Some real estaters become celebrities (see: Donald Trump), while others invest in real estate on the side, and still more just own and live in fabulous, interesting homes. TRD reports on it all.

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Celebrity Real Estate Top Stories

July 19, 2021Gordon Ramsay to open first South Florida restaurant in Miami Beach
September 4, 2019Tennis stars’ Serena and Venus Williams, Milos Raonic and Novak Djokovic have luxury homes in Miami, New York and Beverly Hills
August 20, 2019Lena Dunham opens up about her complicated real estate history and her new NYC home
August 9, 2019Kanye West has been cited for violating city code while building his “Star Wars”-inspired affordable housing domes.

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