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Barred UES condo tenant barges back into Joan Rivers building

Former resident was legally banned but claims Rivers is holding her belongings "hostage"
October 24, 2013 12:27PM

A former occupant of an Upper East Side condominium building presided over by comedienne Joan Rivers finagled her way back into the home from which she had been barred entry.

Earlier this month, Rivers — who is president of the condo board at 1 East 62nd Street — won a victory over the Belize-based owner of the unit, when a New York State judge barred the owner from entering the condo until $200,000 in unpaid fees were paid.

But Elizabeth Hazan, who once occupied the condo and has unsuccessfully tried to enter it in the past, arrived at the building and demanded that she be let in on Wednesday, the New York Daily News reported. Hazan claims her 500 pair of shoes left in the unit are being “held hostage,” by Rivers, who she called “crazy.”

Meanwhile, downtown in New York Civil Court, the same judge who originally barred the Hazan told her lawyer that Hazan had to stay out of the apartment until the fees were paid.

But the police at the scene let her in before the message was relayed back to the building, according to the News. Once she was in, Hazan began blowing kisses to reporters outside, telling them that Rivers was a “horrible person” and “the worst-dressed woman in the world.”

Rivers, famous for her caustic quips, opted to take the high road after hearing of the incident. “At my age I still believe in the legal system, and hope and pray that the law will come down to the right side,” she said to the Daily News. [NYDN] Hiten Samtani

  • Common Sense

    I had a similar thing happen in my building. The cops let in someone who didn’t have any right. It’s ridiculous – breaking and entering using the cops as your tool.

    Police should tell the “tenant” that if they want access they should go to a court and get a court order. No landlord is going to risk jail time and prevent a tenant with rights from entering – so if the landlord won’t let them in then there is a good reason for it – let a judge decide this not some cop who isn’t properly trained on these issues.