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NYU proposes new medical center in Cobble Hill

Long Island College Hospital would become 60,000-square-foot medical center
January 13, 2014 03:35PM

NYU Langone Medical Center is the latest hospital to throw its hat into the ring with a proposal for the embattled Long Island College Hospital site in Cobble Hill.

The hospital has unveiled plans to transform the property at 339 Hicks Street into a 60,000-square-foot medical center with standalone facilities including a cancer center, ambulatory surgery center and emergency room.

NYU’s partner would be developer Fortis Property Group, which previously sought to build condominiums and an urgent care facility there, DNAinfo reported. The plan was set aside after protests from Cobble Hill residents.

Brooklyn Hospital Center, meanwhile, has a proposal that is still on the table. It wants to build 1,000 mixed-income apartments — 350 of which would be affordable housing – as well as two urgent care centers and two clinics, as previously reported. [DNAinfo]Mark Maurer

  • pumilio

    Perhaps NYULMC should get its main campus ( 550 First Ave)
    up and running before getting involved in another hospital.
    Right now, there is no hospital lunchroom, no emergency room, no medical school library and the researchers in the Medical Science Building Building have not yet returned to their labs , after over a year after Hurricane Sandy.

  • Chuck

    Joel Kestenbaum will sock the place dry, the same way the millions of government funds get misappropriated at the ODA in williamsburg

    • Avi Kramer

      For every comment you post about Kestenbaum, Kestenbaum closes on another building. You keep doing what you’re doing and Kestenbaum keeps doing what he did till now, and things are shaping up!

  • BKnative

    The Fortis plan was “set aside due to strong protests from the community”. So they come back a month later with almost the same plan & fancy name on it & really believe the community will fall for this smoke & mirrors? Now not only are they trying to close our hospital but they’re insulting our intelligence too.

    • Avi Kramer

      Well, it seems that your intelligence doesn’t go too far, unless you could give me an answer to this simple question, who approached whom, did Kestenbaum approach NYU or did NYU approach Kestenbaum?

    • Lucy

      The kestenbaums are fraudsters and the best advise is to stay away from such people. To much innuendo on these guys Louis Kestenbaum stole holocaust funds, misappropriated government funds via the ODA that the Kestenbaums control, Padding the payroll with family and friends to hide money outflows, and last but not least brothers Louis and Moses were arrested for stealing millions from Proctor & Gamble in some kind of scam. The community should not bank on these fraudsters for help in keeping the hospital open, these guys are just a smokescreen for doing something else against the community interests.

  • Balasi

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