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NYC property investor wins Super Bowl bet — again

February 04, 2014 02:20PM

When Jona Rechnitz isn’t leading his Manhattan-based real estate investment firm JSR Capital, he’s placing bets on Super Bowl plays — and winning big.

The future developer of a residential tower at 238 Madison Avenue won $25,000 on a $500 bet predicting that the first scoring play of this year’s Super Bowl game would be a Seattle safety, according to TMZ. He’s giving it all away to charity, just like he did in 2012 when he won $50,000 for making the same exact bet on the Giants.

The money will go to the Simon Wisenthal Center, chosen because it promotes tolerance, and to the Stewart J. Rahr Foundation, which supports medical research, because Rahr “changes the lives of millions of people everyday,” Rechnitz told TMZ. [TMZ]Angela Hunt

  • Jack Moses

    Is that picture from his Bar Mitzva??? Amazing way to give back!!!

  • sam beto

    imagine how many times he’s lost $500 before that stupid bet…

  • Josh

    why are people so bitter when successful people get a bit more successful…@sambeto….donating all the funds is the nicest thing a person can do! great work Jona Rechnitz!!!

    • Victor

      They are bitter because they don’t believe in G_D and it angers them to see this. The critiques on here are likely Jewish and spend their days planning for the next abortion they will pay for. They sit in starbucks for endless hours wishing they were famous in Hollywood. Their lives are empty and without purpose. A fellow Jew with a kippa will inflame them with anger. sad.

  • marknroses

    nice to see my brethren Yidden making a kiddush hashem with tzedaka!

    • Victor

      Exactly. We need more of this.

  • tom

    if you only knew what’s behind this family…………..

    • Tony

      The Rechnitz Family is world known for their charitable giving

    • Jake

      Good and kindness?

  • re investor

    says a lot about a guy that feels the need inform the media of a stupid bet he made (that paid off) and decided to donate the silly 25k to charity. what a guy! exactly the kind of person i’m looking to invest with.

  • Not Geraldo Rivera

    Where did he place the bet? I won’t click on TMZ…

  • beyourself

    As a Christian I love to see Jews who believe in and support their religion. I can tell you–orthodox Christians like myself believe the Torah and deeply respect Judaism and support Israel. You fellow Jews who put him down, as Victor says, should be ashamed of yourselves. You are chosen–act like it.