Jona Rechnitz

Jona Rechnitz is the founder of JSR Capital, a private real estate development and management company. Prior to founding JSR, Rechnitz worked for Africa Israel Investments. Rechnitz was born in 1982 in Los Angeles and attended Yeshiva University in New York.

Jona Rechnitz Q&A

What is Jona Rechnitz known for?
Jona Rechnitz is known for founding JSR Capital, which operates as a real estate management company. However, Rechnitz is also known for his involvement with a federal probe into corruption in the NYPD and the de Blasio mayoral campaign. Rechnitz, along with his partner Jeremiah Reichberg, reportedly funneled money into the 2013 de Blasio campaign and bribed police commanders. Rechnitz pleaded guilty to charges of to providing financial and personal benefits and political contributions to public officials including law enforcement officials in exchange for official action in March of 2017.
Why is Jona Rechnitz important to the real estate industry?
Beyond the significance of his real estate group's holdings, Rechnitz is important as a figure in the corruption scandals that have rocked the real estate industry. Rechnitz became the star witness in the trial, which brought real estate's political influence into the spotlight.

Jona Rechnitz Top Stories

January 2, 2019A jury found Jeremy Reichberg, pal of Bill de Blasio donor Jona Rechnitz, guilty of a scheme to bribe NYPD officials.
October 31, 2017Jona Rechnitz testified on Monday that he pressured the mayor to oppose SL Green Realty's plans for its office tower, One Vanderbilt.
October 27, 2017Jona Rechnitz testified he had a direct line to City Hall, including the personal cell phone of Mayor Bill de Blasio, who told him to "be in touch."
July 13, 2017Jona Rechnitz, self-exiled to California as allegations pile up, has been booted from a Borough Park property that fell into default under his watch.

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