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Judge tosses anti-Citi Bike suit in Brooklyn Heights

Victory marks bike-share's fourth victory over NIMBY complaint
March 07, 2014 04:45PM

Citi Bike has racked up yet another victory against a NIMBY suit looking to dislodge a bike-share station from a spot in front of a New York City co-op building.

Judge Leon Ruchelsman dismissed a suit brought by the owners of 150 Joralemon Street last week in which the plaintiffs complained that the sidewalk bike-share station was “arbitrary and capricious,” according to court documents cited by StreetsBlog. In his decision, Ruchelsman wrote that the Department of Transportation followed its own guidelines and proper safety criteria with the installation of the Citi Bike spot.

Though the suit is the only such anti-Citi Bike measure filed against the program in Brooklyn, several have been filed in Manhattan in recent months. The city has so far prevailed in every settled case, striking down attempts to remove bike-share stations from in front of Petrosino Square, 99 Bank Street and Cambridge House at 175 West 13th Street. At present, only the suit regarding a station in front of the Plaza Hotel remains in limbo. [StreetsBlog]Julie Strickland

  • AnoNYC

    So silly. Just enjoy the damn bikes! I wish I had a hub in front of my building.

  • Grizela

    I would not love it, but could live with a bikeshare station in front of my home. What I do have trouble with is the station takong over the open space in my tiny local park. The siting of a station in Petrosino Square Park was not in accord with the siting rules the DOT claims they followed. The bikes are too close to tree pits, interfere with pedestrian pathing, and drive pedestrians away. In fact, the siting encourages bad bicyclist behavior: riding where bike riding is not allowed.

  • Cedar Cat

    It seems kind of yucky to me. Who else’s butt has been on there, and between my legs? Ugh.

    And why should Citi be able to buy up valuable parking spaces? Unless Manhattan is a bubble of Manhattanites and tourists, this is a total disaster.