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Related affiliate to buy Citi Bike operator

REQX Ventures, a real estate company affiliated with Related Companies, along with Equinox, will buy Alta Bicycle Share, the company that manages the city’s bike-share program.

Administration closes in on deal to prop up Citi Bike

The de Blasio administration has come to a tentative agreement to boost the troubled Citi Bike program.

Glen: Development near public housing “amazing” opportunity

Alicia Glen, the deputy mayor for housing and economic development, said there are some “amazing” development opportunities within the...

Plenty of financial woes, but no fatalities for Citi Bike so far

With millions of rides made and close to 15 million miles traveled, one figure describing the city’s bicycle share...

Citi Bike owes city $1 million in parking revenue

There’s no such thing as free parking in New York.

Bicycles help brokers market remote areas

 As rents rise and New Yorkers are pushed deeper into out-of-the-way neighborhoods, bicycles and bicycle lanes are becoming an important part of the real estate game.

Related, Equinox tandem looks to bail out Citi Bike

An investment firm formed by the Equinox gym chain and parent the Related Companies may soon rescue ailing Citi...

Judge tosses Plaza’s Citi Bike suit

The Citi Bike rack in front of Manhattan’s Tony Plaza Hotel isn’t going anywhere.

Plaza hotel’s Citi Bike suit may have legs

The same Manhattan judge who threw out two lawsuits angling to remove Citi Bike racks may view a complaint...

Schumer peddles fix for struggling Citi Bike

New York Senator Charles Schumer introduced legislation Thursday that could drum up much-needed revenue for a struggling Citi Bike.

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