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Tudor City slapped with discrimination suit

A resident alleges that the co-op board tried to evict him because his girlfriend is mentally ill
May 11, 2014 03:00PM

 A Tudor City resident is suing the apartment building for trying to kick out his girlfriend because she is mentally ill.

Frank Mazzocchi, a Brooklyn landlord, has lived in a Tudor City studio since 1977 and with his unidentified girlfriend – who he describes as “eccentric“ — since 1991.

But in 2006, the co-op board tried to cash-in by cleaning up its image, and repeatedly ordered Mazzocchi’s girlfriend to stay in her apartment, according to the lawsuit cited by the New York Post.

“They decided they were going to make it like Park Avenue and started a reign of oppression,” Mazzocchi said. “They started to enforce all kinds of picayune rules and regulations.”

In 2011, the co-op tried to evict the couple, claiming in a lawsuit that Mazzocchi was illegally subletting to his girlfriend. But the case was dropped. Since then Mazzocchi argues that his girlfriend’s contition has worsened as a direct result of the attempted eviction.

Mazzocchi is suing the building, the co-op board and Thomas Curtis, a former Tudor City lawyer who was involved in the eviction case. [NYP]Christopher Cameron