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East Village tenants, politicians target Jared Kushner

Groups decry management of renovations on pair of buildings on East 2nd Street
September 26, 2014 09:00AM

East Village tenants and politicians are claiming that Jared Kushner is not respecting his tenants’ rights at 170And 174 East 2nd Street.

The critics say that they will hold the landlord accountable if the management of renovations doesn’t improve. In 2013, a group of tenants took Kushner to court for allegedly failing to provide heat and hot water.

Earlier this month, City Council member Rosie Mendez and Borough President Gale Brewer led a rally outside Kushner’s buildings.

Ceiling collapses, unannounced utility stoppages, incessant pounding and construction-related dust are part of the complaints, according to The Villager.

“Their pattern of responding after the fact to critical issues which could have been anticipated shows a complete lack of concern to prevent emergencies, maintain services and protect the daily lives of the tenants,” Cypress Dubin, a resident of 174 East 2nd Street told the newspaper. A representative from Westminster City Living, the buildings’ management company, said that management has been trying to address the situation.

About 70 percent of the residents have moved out since Kushner bought the buildings late last year. [The Villager] — Claire Moses

  • irock

    classy to ashy. golden boy no more. I would have spend my family money on some low key cash cow real estate rather than this management intensive crap that will only tarnish his reputation and make him marginally more $

    • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

      Developers built a fortress in NYC against us turning into Detroit, Michigan. Mayor Bloomberg made a very weird statement when he was leaving about how his efforts could end up either with ongoing flourishing of NYC or it could get wiped out based on the decisions made by its future administrators.

      It wasn’t politics or residents that created this boom or is developing Harlem now.

    • DanS

      This will, if anything, enhance his reputation. Everyone knows that crazy “neighborhood activists” and NIMBYs oppose all developers. If you’re a big fish you will get press. It’s kind of a mark of honor.

    • Don

      Jared did not spend any family money…Iinvestors were brought to him by Azad Property Group and they put no skin in the game. These guys are bunch of con artist. They have lied to everyone so they can buy these assets and now shit is hitting the fan. They deserve what they get.

    • Jared is Dumb

      Jared Kushner is so dumb, Daddy had to write Harvard a $2.5 million check to buy his admission. All he has, he’s bought with Charles’ (ill-gotten) money.”Golden boy”? You must be joking.

  • John Chiti

    Good Luck Jared.

  • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

    So he should have been psychic and predicted future repair issues?

    “A few weeks earlier, a ceiling had collapsed in an apartment occupied by Mark Fritsche at 170 E. Second St. That Aug. 13 incident followed a series of leaks in his apartment. The ceiling collapse could have been prevented had workers sent by building management been more careful, he said.

    According to a Westminster City Living representative, building management tried to address the situation as soon as possible, but Fritsche barred access to his apartment. Westminster oversees about 600 residential buildings throughout Manhattan on Kushner’s behalf.”

    We feel so bad all the time because of the tenants in this building when other tenants were nice to us and even though it sounds like this landlord might be innocent, it doesn’t make us feel better because they are in a position to fly above the political climate but we are not so we are forced to stand our ground because we have no choice.

    Even this landlord’s position falls on deaf ears politically because they just want to make money and no one is interested in publicly shaming successful move-outs because a deal is a deal and I really find that in that way, business people tend to be more honorable in that they don’t usually turn around and bite back the other side of the deal. Those tenants who were caught and took a deal quietly departed and didn’t return to further falsely accuse him, correct? Or are they supposed to stand up for him if the remaining tenants are lying about him?

    If he was female, it would be worse and there would be greater eagerness to smear him and mock him.

  • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

    Why is real estate which at the tenement rental level is not that profitable considered so dirty when nonwork use of time like investing in stocks is not decried at all in the press and by politicians?

    Why are we being scapegoated in the press and always being bashed in the press as a group?

    No one has a problem with flipping iphones for profit for much bigger hikes when the rent guidelines board had no problem with ignoring genuine costs increases in authorizing a low rent hike (one percent, right?):