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  • Jared Kushner and his wife, Ivanka,congratulate Donald Trump after his acceptance speech

    Despite concerns over anti-nepotism rules, Jared Kushner has been cleared by the Department of Justice to work as President Trump’s senior adviser in the White House. [more]

  • President, with an asterisk

    January 20, 2017 11:30AM By Konrad Putzier

    From left: Laurent Morali, Charlie and Jared Kushner

    “Am I the leader of the company?”

    Laurent Morali, the new president of Kushner Companies, repeated the question, then answered without a moment’s hesitation. “I am.”

    To many New York real estate insiders, that statement may not carry much weight. Kushner Cos. is a family firm with a storied legacy. It was started in 1985 by Joseph Kushner, a refugee from Poland who became one of New Jersey’s famed “Holocaust builders,” and his son Charlie. Charismatic and hypercompetitive, Charlie ran the firm until 2005, when he went to prison for tax fraud and witness tampering. His son, Jared, has been the CEO and public face of the firm for over a decade, and was expected to continue leading it for decades more. Then, Donald Trump launched his presidential bid. To the surprise of many, Jared joined the campaign as an adviser. To the surprise of many more, Trump won, and Jared declared he’d be leaving the firm to take a job in the White House. So here we are.

    Morali is now the official head of the company. But he’s not a Kushner. What does that really make him? [more]

  • Jared Kushner, Joshua Kushner and 666 Fifth Avenue

    Jared Kushner, who is set to join Donald Trump’s administration as a senior adviser, will step down from all business and board positions he currently holds and sell off dozens of his personal assets. [more]

  • Kushner to join White House as adviser

    January 09, 2017 01:57PM

    The White House and Jared Kushner

    Jared Kushner will join his father-in-law’s administration as senior adviser to the president. [more]

  • From left: Rendering of 50 Hudson Yards, Jared Kushner (credit: Getty Images) and 40 Wall Street

    The era of the $4 billion office tower is upon us.

    Related Companies and Oxford Properties Group are pegging the cost of 50 Hudson Yards, a 2.8 million-square-foot, 985-foot-tall tower, at $3.94 billion. That’s according to an application, spotted by TRD’s Rich Bockmann, that the partners filed with the New York City Industrial Development Agency. The estimate makes it the priciest office building expected to be built in New York, eclipsing 1 World Trade Center (pegged at $3.8 billion). [more]

  • Jared Kushner, 666 Fifth Avenue and Wu Xiaohui of Anbang

    Jared Kushner, 666 Fifth Avenue and Wu Xiaohui of Anbang

    UPDATED, 4:02 p.m., Jan. 8: Jared Kushner is poised to step down as CEO of Kushner Companies, his attorney told the New York Times. The move comes as Kushner, who heads one of New York’s most active real estate investment and development firms, continues to play a central role in the transition team of his father-in-law, President-elect Donald Trump, and is expected to be one of the most influential advisers in his administration. [more]

  • From left: Jared Kushner, Michael Fascitelli and Josh Kushner

    Michael Fascitelli has taken over Cadre’s investment committee as its chair and senior adviser. The former Vornado Realty Trust CEO will now approve all deals and advise the management of the real estate finance startup, which is backed by Jared and Joshua Kushner. [more]

  • From left: 2449 Tracy Place Northwest, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump (credits: Washington Fine Properties and Getty Images)

    From Luxury Listings NYCAfter months of rumors, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are officially moving to a new home in Washington, D.C., at 2449 Tracy Place Northwest. [more]

  • “Could I begin life again,” John Jacob Astor is said to have declared, “knowing what I now know, and had money to invest, I would buy every foot of land on the Island of Manhattan.” More than 150 years later, Astor’s lament still rings true for the dreamers who ply their trade in New York real estate. And their collective hustle, ambition and drama made for a riveting narrative in 2016. [more]

  • From left: 85 Jay Street (credit: Google Maps), Criterion’s Chuck Rosenzweig (credit: Cornell) and Jared Kushner

    Kushner Companies, CIM Group and LIVWRK secured a $187 million acquisition loan from Criterion Real Estate Capital to fund their $345 million acquisition of the Dumbo development site 85 Jay Street. [more]

  • Jared Kushner (credit: Getty Images)

    Donald Trump hasn’t agreed to sell off a single cent of his business empire before he becomes president, but his son-in-law, the oft behind-the-scenes political schemer Jared Kushner, appears ready to let his New York Observer go for good.

    Kushner has been quietly shopping Observer Media, fashion industry publication WWD reported Wednesday. The New York Observer newspaper, which recently became online only, was once the most respected — and feared — weekly by the same city elite it so often pilloried. [more]

  • From left: Charles, Josh (credit: Getty) and Jared Kushner

    Jared Kushner and his family are worth an estimated $1.8 billion, roughly half of which comes from their real estate holdings. [more]

  • The Trump whisperer

    December 09, 2016 01:00PM By Katherine Clarke
    Jared Kushner and his wife, Ivanka,congratulate Donald Trump after his acceptance speech last month.

    Jared Kushner and his wife, Ivanka,congratulate Donald Trump after his victory speech last month.

    From the December issue:  As a gangly high school student, Jared Kushner did what most long-limbed kids of his size did: He joined the basketball team. The Frisch School, a well-known private Jewish school in Paramus, New Jersey, took pride in its athletic prowess and had a coach who took losing personally. [more]

  • From left: Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and the White House

    From left: Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump (credit: Getty Images) and the White House

    Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump may soon ditch New York City for Washington, D.C. [more]

  • Thanksgiving turkey and Jared Kushner

    Thanksgiving turkey and Jared Kushner

    An East Village woman is suing Jared Kushner for, among other things, allegedly spoiling her Thanksgiving. [more]

  • Laurent Morali and Jared Kushner (credit: Kushner Companies)

    Laurent Morali and Jared Kushner (credit: Kushner Companies)

    Jared Kushner’s Kushner Companies plans to lend $200 million annually to developers over the next five years, according to its president Laurent Morali.

    “We like the opportunity to deploy our capital in a different place in the capital stack,” Morali said, according to the New York Post. [more]

  • The White House and Jared Kushner

    The White House and Jared Kushner

    The president-elect apparently isn’t subject to conflict of interest laws, but his son-in-law could be. [more]

  • From left: Jared Kushner, Toby Moskovits and 232 Seigel Street

    From left: Jared Kushner, Toby Moskovits and 215 Moore Street in Bushwick

    As traditional banks tighten the purse strings, Jared Kushner is seeing through a commitment to establish his firm as a peer-to-peer lender. A debt fund under the Kushner Companies umbrella provided a $33 million loan to Toby Moskovits’ Heritage Equity Partners for a new mixed-use office-and-retail project at 215 Moore Street, according to records filed with the city Monday. [more]

  • Jared Kushner and Jonathan Gray

    Jared Kushner and Jonathan Gray

    Kushner breaks the silence: “This guy got Trump elected,” screams the headline for Forbes’ new cover story on Jared Kushner, the first real interview the developer has given since getting involved in Donald Trump’s against-all-odds presidential campaign. Kushner told the magazine he spearheaded his father-in-law’s incredibly successful digital outreach.

    “I called some of my friends from Silicon Valley, some of the best digital marketers in the world, and asked how you scale this stuff,” he said. Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google holding company Alphabet, described Kushner as “the biggest surprise of the 2016 election.” [more]

  • Jared Kushner and Charlie Rose

    Jared Kushner by Lori Berkowitz via Wiki Commons and Charlie Rose

    Emily Jane Fox of Vanity Fair and Jonathan Mahler of the New York Times appeared on Charlie Rose this week and Jared Kushner was on the menu. Maybe surprisingly, they had lots of nice things to say about the man who has the president elect’s ear. [more]