Trump blasts book about GM Building deal

Developer says account of the purchase of iconic property lacks "glamour and excitement"
October 17, 2014 04:05PM

The Donald is not happy with Vanity Fair reporter Vicky Ward’s new book.

Donald Trump, billionaire investor and host of his own television show, is still angry over “The Liar’s Ball,” a new book by Ward about the history of the General Motors building. Trump, together with Conseco Inc., bought the building in 1998 for $878 million. In 2003, Harry Macklowe’s company bought the property for $1.4 billion.

Trump claims that the tell-all book doesn’t accurately describe the full details of how the deal went down. On Twitter, Trump wrote that the book was “poorly written & very boring.”

Trump told the New York Post that “the book doesn’t capture the essence, the glamour or excitement of what happened. It wasn’t bad about me, but it should have been great about me. She did a lousy job.” [NYP] — Claire Moses