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Bad neighbor: Leonard Steinberg’s insurance firm sues Nicole Kidman

Company claims burst pipe from actress' apartment caused damage in top broker's pad
January 06, 2015 11:31AM

UPDATED, 12:39 p.m., Jan. 6: Star broker Leonard Steinberg’s insurance company is suing Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman for allegedly causing flooding in his apartment. Urban Compass’ Steinberg and Kidman live in the same West Chelsea apartment building, Young Woo’s 200 11th Avenue. Nationwide Property & Casualty, the insurance firm that represents the broker, filed suit against the Australian actress for $46,929 in damages caused by a burst pipe in Kidman’s apartment, according to the New York Daily News.

Nationwide claims that Kidman hired New Industries Inc., an authorized contractor, to install a copper pipe that would bring water to her apartment’s terrace, according to the newspaper. The contractor, however, didn’t install any insulation or heat tape around the pipe, according to the complaint. Cold weather caused the pipe to burst, which sent a flood of icy water into Steinberg’s condo.

Kidman bought her condo in December 2010, together with her country music star husband Keith Urban. Kidman, Urban and their two daughters spend most of their time in Nashville, Tenn. Steinberg also bought his condo in the building in 2010. [NYDN] — Claire Moses 

  • Joseph Technicoats

    Nationwide Insurance. What a cheapskate he is. Good luck with urban compass now valued at $ 1 billion dollars

    • Marc

      Cheapskate because he uses nationwide to insure his premises?
      What a stupid comment.

    • TH

      show some respect, man.

  • “HELLO”

    Nicole & Keith should just pay up, seems like a no brainier…
    What are we missing?

    • Tyrannosaurus Rex

      Nicole & Keith didn’t install the pipe, New Industies, Inc. performed that. however, where is the building’s Superintendent & Managing Agent in all this. Didn’t they have they get an iron-clad Alteration Agreement signed before letting New Industries do the work? I’m surprised a top-notch real estate guy like Steinberg would live in a building that appears to be so careless about overseeing work being done in the building. perhaps the Board of Directors, the Managing Agent & the Superintendent should all be replaced.