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If you’re listing in Brooklyn, use the phrase “Farmer’s Market”

StreetEasy crunches the most popular terms and times to list homes
March 11, 2015 10:15AM

Looking to sell your home in New York City? Don’t underestimate the power of a nearby farmer’s market, French doors or kitchen cabinet space. 

Timing is also key when selling an apartment in the city. For example, if a seller is looking to unload a property in Brooklyn, February is the opportune month to list it, according to StreetEasy. In Manhattan and Queens, however, demand is highest in April, making March the best time to list a property. In the Bronx, new buyers prefer to wait until the weather warms up, making April the best month to list a home.

Besides good timing, using the right phrasing is also key.

In Manhattan, buyers like phrases such as “kitchen cabinetry” and “pin drop,” StreetEasy reported, based on a thousands of listing descriptions. In Brooklyn, hipster buyers don’t care that much about their cabinets, but focus on the aesthetic and organic produce. Phrases such as “farmer’s market,” “exposed brick,” “white oak” and “French doors” hit home.

The Bronx seems to be more family-minded, with buzz words like “living room,” “dining room” and “eat-in kitchen” attracting buyers to new apartments. Queens residents seem to be the least picky, as long as they’re close to a subway stop. “Minutes away,” “short walk” and “subway lines” were phrases that helped listings sell quickly. [StreetEasy] and [Curbed] — Claire Moses