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Tom Cruise is selling his Beverly Hills mansion for $13M

The home was rumored to be a Scientology retreat
By Business Insider | March 21, 2015 10:00AM

Tom Cruise has listed his mansion on Mulholland Drive for just under $13 million. The European-style villa in Beverly Hills has two parcels with a total of 2.5 acres of land.

The home is gated with three bedrooms and a fully detached guest house with an additional four bedrooms and bathrooms.

According to Variety, the home was rumored to have been bought as a retreat for high-level Scientologists — it was purchased by two corporate entities back in 2005 — and Tom Cruise’s sister was recently living on the property.

The movie star seems to be undergoing a real estate overhaul. In November of last year he listed his Colorado estate for $59 million and back in 2013 he listed his New York townhouse for $28 million as well as an East Village condo for $3 million. Variety reports he currently lives in a Beverly Hills mansion he bought for $30.5 million in 2007.

The home is on sale for $12.995 million, according to real estate listing website Redfin.

  • “Maintenance Cost”

    Tom probably got tired of the high taxes and maintenance charges. What is he buying?
    His own private island for his religion :)

    • Marc

      All these expensive properties and the millions he spends to maintain them and to mask his real lifestyle. He should come out of the closet already along with the rest of Hollywood but then again maybe they shouldn’t because they have millions of women swooning over them and paying to see their dumb idiotic movies and they actually think he along with his buddies Travolta, Clooney and many others actually make realistic romantic leads. Silly.

    • Guest

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  • John Trapp

    I read his ex wife Katie Holmes refuses to even talk to him nowadays or let him see the kid. This is the girl Tom totally flipped out over on Oprah, the love of his life blah blah and now she avoids him like the plague. WHAT is the deal with this freakin’ guy? I don’t think he’s gay because come on, the guy has been in the public eye for 35 years and not one shred of evidence has ever come up showing he is gay, and I don’t think he’s an abusive sc*mbag as he seems to be a nice guy, yet women seem to have a huge issue with him and I believe it’s because of Scientology. So WHY is he so damn committed to this freakin’ Scientology to the point of destroying his relationships? That’s insanity. I think this guy has some kind of mental disorder. Either that or this Scientology is blackmailing with such a horrific secret that he does not dare leave them. If he is gay nobody gives a damn today, so what is the secret? Did he kill somebody?