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Leonardo DiCaprio to open eco resort on private island

Leo is partnering with Delos to develop the project
April 04, 2015 04:00PM

Leonardo DiCaprio has announced that he’s opening an eco resort on his private island in Belize. The actor picked up the 104-acre Belizean island, Blackadore Caye, in 2005 for just $1.75 million.

The planned luxury resort will feature villas on a platform over the water, artificial reefs with “fish shelters” and a nursery growing marine grass to feed manatees, according to Curbed. It is expected to open in 2018.

“The main focus is to do something that will change the world,” DiCaprio told the New York Times. “I couldn’t have gone to Belize and built on an island and done something like this if it weren’t for the idea that it could be groundbreaking in the environmental movement.”

DiCaprio is working with NYC developer Delos to build 68 resort villas and 48 private houses to sell. DiCaprio owns a unit in the Delos Living building at 66 East 11th Street.

The units will cost between $5 million and $15 million. Jason McLennan, author of “The Philosophy of Sustainable Design,” has been tapped to design the project. [Curbed]Christopher Cameron

  • Marc

    This is exciting. All the eco tards can go there on their yachts.

  • Henry

    This is a great idea the Belize resort is a great project

  • bernoulli

    Over a hundred residences on a 100 acre island , built on in and over the water couldn’t be a worse example of environmental stewardship . He is exploiting a country with weak environmental protection laws . In nearby Eco conscious Costa Rica it is not legal to build anything in the first 100 meters of shoreline . All shoreline is public property . That is one example of why Costa Rica is so highly regarded as an ecologically conscious country . In any developed country he would not be allowed to build his Eco destroying resort . He is quite simply and obviously a bad example of responsible environmentalism . His capital intensive , energy intensive monuments to capitalist consumer excess are hardly a harmonious fit with an undeveloped tropical island . I don’t see any way he can possibly produce the power for the energy hungry desalinators required to produce the water for the swimming pools , toilets , showers and gardens his billionaire Eco buddies will enjoy ;Not to mention waste water and sewage treatment facilities without diesel generators . Maybe if he covers every inch of the 65 acres he plans to build on with solar panels , but I still doubt it . Shoreline disruption from Human development is the number one destroyer of coral reefs worldwide , but it is okay because he plans to build artificial reefs to go along with his artificially purified air and enhanced circadian lighting he will enjoy while hosting Eco conferences . Doesn’t get any more natural than that . Apparently he will be protecting the island from the local subsistence fisherman who have had the island to stop at on the way to and from their traditional fishing grounds . Thank goodness he will be protecting his island from actual working people who might degrade his island with their smells and dirt . What I don’t get is how a supposed UN climate ambassador can build a half billion dollar resort at sea level while simultaneously trying to gin up the fear of global warming and accelerating sea level rise . One can only conclude he either doesn’t actually believe what he preaches or else he is a mental defective . You pick .