Real estate donors would back Trump for NY governor

Bigwigs reportedly lining up behind presidential hopeful's other potential candidacy
September 14, 2015 12:00PM

How’s “Make New York Great Again” sound?

If, by any chance, Donald Trump fails in his bid to win the White House in 2016, the real estate mogul could turn to Albany instead – with the well-financed groundwork for a gubernatorial candidacy reportedly already in motion.

Real estate donors are apparently lining up to support a Trump campaign for the New York governorship, according to the New York Daily News, while the Donald himself is reportedly well aware of the possibility of succeeding Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2018.

“They all think he should run for governor,” a Republican fundraiser told the Daily News. “[Our] money people, the real estate people, would support him.”

While Trump is financing his own presidential campaign at the moment, that wouldn’t be the case if he chose to run for governor – with a “very political” crop of real estate developers and investors willing to back him to the hilt.

Trump himself is said to be “smitten with being a politician” and would “have a hard time going back to the private sector” after taking over the news cycle as the current Republican front-runner for 2016.

“He’s having the ride of his life,” according to the Daily News source. “How many more buildings can he build?”

Of course, Trump would have to beat Cuomo first, with the current governor uninhibited by New York State’s absence of a term limit – though there’s every chance Cuomo himself could opt for pastures new.

And then there’s a possible mayoral candidacy for the Donald, with real estate bigwigs reportedly discussing the possibility at a recent event with none other than Rudy Giuliani.

“[Giuliani] said, ‘I think Trump should run for mayor of New York City, because a mayor has to be wild and crazy,'” the source relayed. “‘[Ed] Koch was, and so was I.'”

It would be interesting to see what current Mayor Bill de Blasio would have to say about that[NYDN]Rey Mashayekhi