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Martha Stewart graces the cover
By Jennifer Karp | July 08, 2016 03:20PM


Martha Stuart photo by Terry Richardson; Sheila Rosenblum by Studio Scrivo

From Luxury Listings NYC: Martha Stewart is not the retiring type, in either sense of the word. That much is clear in our cover profile of her in the new issue of Luxury Listings NYC. One year after merging her company, the lifestyle guru is busier than ever, she tells us.

In fact the question of whether Stewart, 74, is ready to take it easy, seems mildly offensive to her. “No, it is not the time to slow down,” she tells us. “I enjoy all the things I do. The only challenge I have is finding time to do as much as I want to do.”

Defying expectations is also a theme in our profile of Sheila Rosenblum, a former ballerina, model and socialite who has taken an unexpected path for a woman of her stature, becoming one of few women to invest in and manage racehorses, a field that has almost always been dominated by men. And she’s bringing other women along for the ride — though this is no idle hobby. Her syndicate, Lady Sheila’s Stables, has a $100,000 buy-in fee. [more]