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Durst backs Clinton, Kalikow goes with Trump

Durst joins list of independents and Republican New Yorkers supporting Democratic candidate
September 26, 2016 03:15PM


From left: Donald Trump, Peter Kalikow, Douglas Durst and Hillary Clinton

He’s with her.

The Durst Organization’s Douglas Durst has come out in support of Hillary Clinton ahead of the first presidential debate, saying she is a “tested public servant” who is ready to lead.

Durst TRData LogoTINY had much harsher words for fellow real estate developer and Republican nominee Donald Trump, telling Politico: “I have had a front-row seat to the curious career of Donald Trump. He morphed from a builder to a showman to an aspiring statesman. I have seen nothing in the 40 years I have known Donald to qualify him to be President of the United States

Durst, whose company controls more than 13 million square feet of office space and nearly 3 million square feet of residential real estate, joins a list of prominent New York-based Republicans and independents supporting Clinton, according to a release from the Clinton campaign Monday.

Durst is known for certain liberal leanings — he owns an organic farm upstate — but is not registered with either party, according to his spokesperson. He donated to Clinton in 2002 after she won her Senate seat, and supported her 2008 presidential bid.

Many New York real estate figures who started off supporting Trump have rescinded their support in recent months, as The Real Deal reported in its September issue. Some, however, are sticking with him. Peter Kalikow, for example, announced his support for Trump on Monday, according to Politico, saying that Trump “has an uncanny ability to read the person on the other side of the table.”

This is not the only indirect interaction Durst has had with Trump. In a controversial tweet from 2013, Trump appeared to speak up for Robert Durst, who is facing a murder charge. [Politico]Chava Gourarie