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Officials won’t shut down Fifth Avenue when Trump’s in town

Additional security measures will be put in place
November 19, 2016 11:00AM

725 Fifth Avenue (inset: Donald Trump)

725 Fifth Avenue (inset: Donald Trump)

City officials announced on Friday that Fifth Avenue will remain open when Donald Trump visits his Midtown tower, but additional security measures will be put in place.

The section of Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower will remain open to pedestrians, passenger vehicles and buses, but not trucks, Politico reported. Visitors at Trump Tower will have their bags checked before they can enter the lobby.

The news may come as some relief to businesses in the area, following rumors that officials were mulling shutting down the popular retail corridor when the president-elect visits his triplex penthouse. Still, stores in the area are expecting to take a hit during the holiday season due to heightened security and protests along Fifth Avenue.

City officials are still negotiating the cost of security around Trump Tower, which will be provided by the New York City Police Department and federal Secret Service. Mayor Bill de Blasio said that Washington has a history of reimbursing the city for similar services.

“I think this rises above partisanship,”  hr said. “The NYPD is carrying a burden for the entire nation.” [Politico] Kathryn Brenzel