Want to help build Trump’s wall? NYC doesn’t want your business: Tish James

Public advocate plans to introduce bill directed against firms involved in the project
March 07, 2017 06:10PM

Letitia James and the U.S. Mexico border (credit: Getty Images)

Public Advocate Letitia James wants to ban companies that help build President Trump’s border wall from doing business with the city.

On Tuesday, James said she would introduce a bill that would prohibit the city from signing contracts with firms involved in the construction, management or maintenance of the planned wall along the Mexican border, according to the New York Post.

“The same cranes President Trump uses for his wall cannot simply be turned around to build our schools,” she said.

James, who oversees the city’s largest pension fund, also said she will consider pulling the city’s money out of the same companies.

“Companies have a choice — help build the wall, a monument to racism and xenophobia, or do business in New York City. We won’t allow you to do both,” she said.

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