Service Station restaurant sued for violating zoning code for over 40 years

August 09, 2017 05:06PM

East Hampton Village has filed suit against owners of the popular Montauk Highway Service Station restaurant for violating a zoning law that prohibited the use of an outdoor brick patio as a dining area. In 1977, the restaurant applied for a permit to expand their kitchen and to build a brick patio. The zoning board denied the permit to build the brick patio, but it was built anyway. In 1986, it was determined that the patio could stay, but no food was to be served in the outdoor space. Service Station has continued to violate the condition throughout the years. In March, co-owner FF&G Realty Corp. plead guilty to the code violation and paid a fee of $300. As recently at July 21, code enforcement officers reported that the restaurant was still serving customers on the patio. The complaint was filed on July 26. [27East]