How much Apple Park costs per square foot

Building permits reveal the price tag of each new building
October 14, 2017 01:37PM

(Dicklylon, Wikimedia Commons/Pexel)

Apple Park, the company’s new 12,000-person campus, is 2.8 million square feet and cost about $5 billion to build, a cost which breaks down to $1,785 per square foot and $12.40 per square inch, according to CNBC.

Building permits analyzed by BuildZoom, allow a further cost break down to determine roughly how much each building costs. Here are a few of the big ticket items:

Main building – $427,570,867

(Wikimedia Commons)

The Steve Jobs Theater – $179,437,885

(Wikimedia Commons)

Other buildings range from $115 million for a four-level office building with cafeteria and cafe spaces to $16 million for a fitness center complete with a two-level yoga studio.

[CNBC] — E.K. Hudson