How much does an island cost? Here’s what the stars drop for a piece of paradise

From Fuji to The Bahamas, here's where celebrities bought their very own islands

January 14, 2018 04:00 PM

(Credit: Christopher Michel/Wikimedia Commons, back; Pixabay, illustration)

Forget what you would bring to a deserted island, where would you buy and what would you build?

For Leonardo DiCaprio, he’s building an eco-resort — slated to open this year — on his island near Belize, reports the New York Post. For serial island-buyer David Copperfield (he owns four, all in the Bahamas), he also has visions of hospitality, though perhaps less well-intentioned than Leo as a stay at Copperfield’s resort costs about $325,000 per week.

But what does it really cost to buy your own island? Here’s how much a handful of stars shelled out to make their island dreams come true.

Johnny Depp

(Anna Altheide/Wikimedia Commons)

Location: The Bahamas
Price tag: $3.6 million

Nicolas Cage

(Nicolas Genin/66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra) – Wikimedia Commons)

Location: The Bahamas
Price tag: $3 million

Mel Gibson

(Georges Biard/Wikimedia Commons)

Location: Fiji
Price tag: $15 million

Ricky Martin

(Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia Commons)

Location: Off the coast of Rio de Janeiro
Price tag: $8 million


(Marcello Casal Jr/Agência Brasil – Wikimedia Commons)

Location: The Bahamas
Price tag: $16 million

Eddie Murphy

(David Shankbone/Flickr)

Location: The Bahamas
Price tag: $15 million

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