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National editor Alexi Friedman is coordinating coverage across markets
May 10, 2018 04:34PM

Alexi Friedman

As we expand our award-winning coverage across the U.S., The Real Deal is looking for story ideas and tips about real estate news with national significance.

We’re currently in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago, and are starting to look at other major markets across the country. We’re interested in the players and topics that are driving the national conversation: retail’s great reckoning, the institutionalization of rental housing ownership, national consolidation of residential and commercial brokerage, and much more.

Alexi Friedman recently came on board to spearhead this effort as National Editor. Friedman is a veteran of the business desk at the Star-Ledger, Commercial Mortgage Alert and Metro, where he coordinated coverage across three major markets.

If you know of untold stories in markets nationwide, or have the inside scoop on big deals happening across the country, please reach out to him at af@therealdeal.comTRD