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The battle over zoning for fitness complexes at Stamford office parks rages on

August 29, 2018 01:21PM

Earlier this month, Stamford’s Board of Representatives rejected a zoning change that would have allowed George Comfort & Sons to build a fitness complex at an office park it owns. Now, George Comfort & Sons is appealing the board’s decision, the Stamford Advocate reported. The owner claims the board’s representatives “voted based upon political or other arbitrary or improper reasons or motivations,” according to the outlet. At issue are the signatures residents gathered after the zoning board initially approved the change to permit the fitness centers in office parks. City attorney James Minor rejected most of them, claiming most signatures did not come from landowners. The residents asked the Board of Representatives assert the validity of the petition, which they did, proceeding to rule in favor of overturning the zoning board’s approval of the change. Some Stamford residents said they are worried about the “lights, noise and traffic” a fitness center could bring to the area and claimed it would “ruin the character of their neighborhood,” according to the outlet. [Stamford Advocate]