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Judge settles real estate dispute between musicians Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams

Page and Williams were fighting over Williams’ attempt to build a “megabasement” at his house
January 05, 2019 02:00PM

Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams (Credit: Getty Images, iStock)

A judge has ended the real estate battle between Led Zeppelin rock star Jimmy Page and pop star Robbie Williams.

The two musicians live next door to each other in London and have been fighting a legal battle over Williams’ plans to build a “megabasement” for his house complete with a pool and a gym, according to Forbes. Page objected to the idea, claiming that it would risk damaging the foundation of his 19th-century home known as Tower House.

A judge recently ruled that Williams should be allowed to dig out his megabasement, but Page would need to have real-time electronic monitoring of the vibrations throughout the construction process. The judge also banned Williams from using machine-powered digging or excavation work.

In other words, Williams’ megabasement will need to be dug by hand. And carving it out with shovels could cost him an additional $1.5 million. [Forbes] – Eddie Small