Los Angeles Top Brokers 2022

This dataset ranks the top 20 residential brokers and teams selling in and around the City of Angels.

The source data for this ranking comes from The Real Deal’s analysis of closed buy- and sell-side residential deals within Los Angeles County recorded in the 13 MLS sites serving the area from April 13, 2021, to April 13, 2022. Listings include condo, co-op, 2-4 family, ranch, single-family home, townhouse, multi-family and land deals. Off-market activity was excluded. 

TRD searched the top 50 agents to see if they belonged to a team and then credited the team for the deals closed by all of the agents that represented them. 

The dataset includes each agent or team’s rank, firm, total volume and deal count.

Data Fields Included:

Final Agent/TeamTitle
Sales VolumeEmail
Number of DealsWebsite

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