NYC’s Out-of-State Buyers Report 2023

This dataset looks at home purchases in NYC made by people outside of the city, looking at where they’re from and what neighborhoods they’re buying in. 

The source data for these rankings comes from The Real Deal’s analysis of residential sales closed in the two years leading up to Oct. 25, 2023, in which named buyers had addresses outside of New York City. Purchases made through shell companies were eliminated — which greatly reduced the sample size — but the resulting sample included 6460 transactions, comprising over $7.6 billion in volume.

The dataset includes rankings for the top 10 states outside buyers hail from as well as the top U.S. 10 cities and top 10 foreign countries It also includes a ranking of the top 10 neighborhoods where outside buyers purchased homes.

This report includes:

ACRIS IDTransaction Amount
Property AddressProperty Classification
Unit(s)Property Group
NeighborhoodBuyer State
BoroughBuyer Market
Lot IDNew York City Check
Recorded DateForeign Check
Document DateDocument Link
Document Type

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