Salon Series: Majora Carter

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Housing & CRE developments are halted for all kinds of reasons; supply chains, financing, unions – and especially community resistance.

Join TRD & MacArthur Fellow, Peabody Award winner, Ted Talk regular, 8 x honorary PhD, & urban development strategist (that’s a lot of things) Majora Carter in this exclusive live interview on how her urban planning philosophy is more essential than ever in preventing projects from costly community resistance and interruptions.

Majora Carter is a highly sought urban revitalization strategist and real estate developer who’s made a career smoothly transforming neighborhoods into vibrant, mixed-use communities, without sidelining the voices of those who live there.

With a career marked by inclusive development strategies, Majora has made serious strides in marrying profitability with community well-being & talent retention – inventing effective tactics for developers looking to engage genuinely with community members and avoid costly pitfalls that lead to community resistance and project-halting press.
This event is a must-attend for developers, investors, and urban planners eager to gain insights into successful ventures in untapped markets – and break free from decades of failing housing & community policies.

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Salon Series: Majora Carter