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Venice church rented by Andrew Keegan’s spiritual organization lists for $6.5M

Full Circle rents the church for $12,500 a month
Andrew Keegan Church

The church at 305 Rose Avenue in Venice, which is leased by Andrew Keegan’s Full Circle

The historic church in Venice where actor Andrew Keegan runs his spiritual organization Full Circle has been listed for $6.5 million. The seller, an LLC connected to the waste management firm BLT Enterprises, is trying to flip it for a $2 million profit, The Real Deal has exclusively learned.

BLT acquired the property known as the Rose Temple in August 2014 for $4.5 million from Saber Realty Advisors. The firm is asking $1,039 a square foot for the building at 305 Rose Avenue, which has vaulted ceilings, exposed trusses and stained glass windows.

How the sale will affect the movement helmed by the “10 Things I Hate About You” and “Party of Five” actor remains unclear. Full Circle has been a tenant since April 2014 on a month-to-month lease.

It is possible that high rent could kick the group out. Full Circle pays $12,500 a month for the space, according to the MLS. BLT nearly doubled the rent after buying the property, much to Keegan’s chagrin. (He told the Los Angeles Times last year that the rent raise almost wiped the organization out.)


The inside of the church at 305 Rose Avenue

The inside of the church at 305 Rose Avenue

There is also a slight possibility that the new owner could attempt to redevelop the property, seizing upon the hipness of Venice’s Rose Avenue corridor, with C.A.V.E. Gallery, Gjusta and the Rose — now run by restaurateur Bill Chait  —  in close proximity.

The site is zoned for church use, but a new owner could try to get a zoning variance.

Tami Pardee and Christopher Birdsall of Pardee Properties have the listing, which advertises a commercial catering kitchen, office space, a community garden, and a basement “perfect for a creative/flex space.”

Keegan, who told the Los Angeles Times his true spiritual awakening occurred at Burning Man, is confident his organization will prevail despite the changes. 

Full Circle’s director of strategic development, Jason Dilts, told The Real Deal it will keep its doors open.

“Despite the many challenges to being in this building for nearly 2 years, zoning and parking being chief among them, we have never been stronger as an organization,” Dilts said in an email. “The desirable location of Venice is obviously causing many changes within our community and the listing of the building, now twice during our tenure in the space, is a reflection of larger issues. We have expressed interest in purchasing the building, but regardless of the outcome our plan is to keep the doors open and remain focused on our mission of providing spirit in community.”

It looks like Full Circle is committed to staying put, but were they to expand, Pardee Properties has another former Silicon Beach church listed in Santa Monica for a $25,000 a month lease. The 1905 property at 2621 Second Street, which is said to be the oldest wood structure in the area, has since been converted to residential use, but it still has cathedral ceilings and clerestory windows.

  • Jackie Seely

    Looks like another example of greedy property owners looking to flip another Venice location. It’s too bad because good stuff is happening there. I have enjoyed going to some of the events and hope it finds a way to stay opened.

  • Jake Signer

    Dude seriously??? It’s a church and these people want to “flip” it? Pretty messed up. What kind of owner buys a property and rents it out to a church just to sell it out from under them? This is why I don’t live in Venice anymore. Between everyone Airbnbing their apartments and greedy developers taking anything real away, it’s just a drag place to be.

  • Sasha Meyers

    This makes me so sad :-(. I go to Full Circle for their Sunday circle gatherings sometimes and it’s been such a blessing in my life. I moved to Santa Monica from Tampa last year and didn’t have many friends. I have met so many great people at this church. It’s a true shame to see this happening. I don’t understand why the author of this article would suggest that someone rent out a church for $25,000 though?!? It seems to me that Full Circle is already paying more than enough in rent. I guess it’s all about money to some people. What good is a community if the soul of it can’t afford to exist there anymore??? Venice has issues but it’s sure not the people living there. It’s the people invading!! So so sad….

  • Sat Daryus

    I’m so confused. Why did a waste management company buy a church expecting to make a profit off it? I walk by this place all the time but never go in so can’t say I’ll personally miss it. It’s never a good thing to lose stuff like this, though. I know people who go there and it’s serving a need. Everything on the westside is so overpriced and caters to people making $80K+ a year who spend $60 getting their hair dried just because they can. Spiritual practices are becoming another fad for the rich it seems. Rose Ave will be the next Abbott Kinney and then another street will follow until every block is developed to keep out the “weirdos” and “undesirables”.

  • Mandy Lyons

    Great another out of towner looking to make a big fat commission off something that’s been around about 4 times the amount of time she’s been alive! Pardee is one of the biggest gentrifiers on the Westside. I’ve been coming to this temple for over 15 years and in its many incarnations. The people change but the energy remains the same. She should split whatever she makes off this listing with the many groups and people who have made this property so valuable! Also super annoyed that Andrew Keegan gets all the attention when it comes to this building. Nothing personal, but this temple is WAY bigger than him or his movie career. Seems to me like Pardee is trying to use the fact that a celeb has been on the premises to up the value. Maybe she should cut him a check too, then, since it’s basically his name being used to jack up the cost.

  • Lara Smythe

    Anyone who wants to shell out $6.5 millions for this lemon of a real estate project might want to talk to some of the previous tenants about why it didn’t work out. Seriously, in the last 2 years there have been 2 “spiritual centers”, an art gallery, a spa, a hair salon, and a vintage clothing store at this location. Nothing works here! Don’t believe me? Ask Nite Spa. Oh wait, you can’t. Cause they went out of business after moving here!

    It’s a cursed spot. All the shamans in the world can’t save a sucker from the reality that it’s an old building that needs to be razzed but that’s impossible to bulldoze due to city ordinances. There is ZERO parking, mold galore, windows that are falling out, bugs everywhere, and also squatters who live there. Have fun with that!