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Cost of living showdown: LA vs. San Francisco

Housing is 33 percent cheaper in LA
March 25, 2016 01:00PM

Cost of living LA Bay Area

(Credit: JLL research)

Rent growth in Los Angeles continues to outpace California, but that doesn’t mean it’s inching up on San Francisco. In fact, the cost of living is higher in the tech capital by every measure except for transportation and utilities, according to JLL research. 

Housing is 33 percent less expensive in L.A. when compared with San Francisco. Healthcare costs 8 percent less and groceries cost 17 percent less.

While San Francisco is a smaller city that is more public transportation friendly, transportation costs are only one percent lower than they are in L.A., JLL found. Utilities, meanwhile, are 7 percent more expensive in the city of sunshine. Maybe it’s all that air conditioning cranking in the summer. – Hannah Miet