Mohamed Hadid sentenced to community service, $17,000 fine for building Strada Vecchia manse

It's unclear if the developer will have to pay to raze the mansion if it cannot be brought to compliance

Jul.July 20, 2017 04:00 PM
Mohamed Hadid and his mansion in Bel Air (credit: Google Maps, Getty Image)

To make up for dozens of zoning violations, Mohamed Hadid must put in 200 hours of community service and pay more than $17,000 in fines and fees to the City of Los Angeles as part of his no contest plea.

The developer was charged with illegally building a giant mansion on Strada Vecchia Road. The city halted construction of the estate three years ago and later revoked its permits. Since then, it’s been unfinished and uninhabited.

What remains unclear after the sentencing: whether Hadid will also have to pay for tearing it down, or whether there is way to change the property to the city’s liking, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“We’re interested in one thing and one thing only,” his attorney Robert Shapiro said Thursday after the sentencing hearing. “Bringing this building into compliance.”

As part of Hadid’s sentencing, a Superior Court judge imposed three years of probation, a $3,000 fine, and a payment of more than $14,000 to cover building department costs, in addition to his community service.

Hadid will also have to pay an additional amount of the L.A. Department of Water and Power and stabilize the hillside on which the mansion is built. [LAT]Cathaleen Chen

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